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Aroca Conveyer System

Aroca machinery was founded by Mr. Javier Aroca in beginning of 90's and evolved as a very important innovator in the field of conveyer systems .They have been a very strong technological company & with a in-depth understanding of footwear production process they have been able to bring revolutionary changes to several factories globally .The fact that Aroca machinery has been particularly a technology driven product company and has not been a marketing company has been a blessing in disguise .This because it always meant that products deliverability and performance were the only available tools for Aroca to successes .

This has indeed has resulted to push Aroca to constantly work ahead on the technologies used on their product and come out with next level products . With a very stringent controls on quality and a heavy investments made on infrastructure Aroca is able to delivery very high end conveyer systems at affordable prices for footwear Industry which so far were only seen in Industries like automobiles etc . It indeed brings a revolutionary change which was never witnessed by lesser structured productions process like footwear compared to Industries like Automobile Industry .

Aroca started its journey from Spain has changed the face of footwear industry in different parts of world .In countries like Mexico a major revolutionary leap has been taken by Industry by bringing huge efficiencies which is today reflected by the fight back of the footwear industry there with Chinese productions .

Aroca system brings a revolutionary change in footwear factory and key advantages are :

  • Dramatically increase productivity
  • Reduce Manpower
  • Much lower space requirements
  • Fully utilised all machines capacities & each man-hours utilised to optimum levels
  • A much better quality and more controlled productions
  • Reduced Capital expenditures on ancillary machines

Official Website: www.arocamaquinaria.com
For further information contact: sales@skicorp.net
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