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Intercom is pioneer and leading producer of water based adhesives and spray systems .We produce both Waters based adhesives and spray systems for their application giving customers a complete solution which ensures a hassle free smooth migration & productions with water based adhesives. Globally Intercom have a great success history with majority market share with extremely satisfied customers in most important leather goods ,footwear producing countries .Our work actually begins when you have the machine inside your factory and our targets are successful implementation of water based adhesive to bring down cost , reduce manpower & increase production efficiency .

Our Ecostick Water based adhesives with spray systems would bring major benefits to your productions .It makes your productions much efficient , faster, cleaner, and safer, reduces your manpower requirements in gluing process, and makes the production much more efficient. All these benefits are achieved while still saving substantially compared to your current gluing cost. Ecostick Water-based adhesives applied using our spray systems, are extremely practical, enabling reliable precision gluing with a significant reduction in working times, they are clean and do not stiffen the leather or interfere with the stitching. The excellent adhesive characteristics create a perfect hold both on leather , fabric and synthetics.

The quick-drying, the long open time and the compatibility with traditional adhesives (latex, neoprene, natural rubber) mean that our products can be easily inserted into the various production phases, without any of the problems often involved in the introduction of new technology. Absolutely precise, highly versatile and completely maintenance-free, this indispensable new technology has met with enormous success. Several global brands have selected and are continue using only Intercom for their productions .The systems and adhesives has proved an indispensable in the production process .

Official Website: www.intercomsas.it
For further information contact: sales@skicorp.net
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