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Group Overview
The SkiCorp group comprises of companies in the business sectors of solutions for Leather products manufacturing, Adhesives, Finishing Chemicals, Home ware and Processed Food. In tandem with the increasing the national footprint of SkiCorp companies, the group is also gaining international recognition.

The wide-ranging capability of SkiCorp Group encompasses manufacturing and marketing underpinned by years of experience, a spirit of enterprise and innovation. The Group through collaboration and Joint -ventures with leading companies worldwide is transforming markets by manufacturing and delivering innovative, value added solutions.

The shared mission, policies and a respect for the integrity of established business principles guide the management of all companies. Although SkiCorp Group's activities encompass everything from chemicals to homecare, the essence of the Group can best be described as identifying customer needs, conceiving business models, and reliably providing functions and services that deliver a bouquet of futuristic business solutions and products that add value to lives.

Conducting business by a clear set of values and beliefs, the Ski Corp Group has observed very high standards of ethics and transparency. Its belief in organizational development has seen it adapt itself to changing economic contexts and grow from strength to strength.

The company is committed to sustainable development, across its supply chain, manufacturing and final products.