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Adhesive Tape
Adheisve tape are quite widely used for productions of footwear , leather goods etc . Trinity Tapes has designed a range of tapes to improve design potential and product performance. We supply superior quality products at the most economical prices.With modern machines and manufacturing facilities trinity is one of the best sources for tapes in Asia . It has a complete range of tapes for Shoe reinforcement , leather goods , general purpose, stereo printing . Some of the ranges are :

1. Synthetic Fabric white : Nylon / Nylon 210 DN / Knitted /Topline /Cotton /Aluminium Foil Tape /Synthetic Fabric with liner /Nylon Fabric with Liner /Nylon Fabric P.U. coated /Nylon Double Side

2. Leather Goods : RFID Blocking Tape / Synthetic Fabric white / Pillon BP / Pillon KP / Eyelet (Slim/Fat) / D/S Tissue Tape (Regular/Ideal)/Synthetic Fabric with liner /Nylon Fabric with Liner /Texipel (SA/USA) /D/S Foam Tape S/S Foam Tape /Metal Protector Tape

3. General Purpose : Synthetic Fabric white /Cotton /Pink Rayon /Aluminium Foil Tape /D/S Tissue Tape (Regular/Ideal)/High temperature tissue tape /Water Proof Tape /Cotton Black D/S/PVC insulation tape /Floor Marking TapeFilament Tape /ECO friendly packaging tape .

4. Stereo Printing : Cotton White D/S (Paper/Poly)

Official Website: http://trinity-tapes.com
For further information contact: sales@skicorp.net
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